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College to Careers

 College to Careers

What is College to Careers (C2C)?

The C2C program forges partnerships between City Colleges and industry leaders to better align City Colleges’ curricula with the demand in growing fields. These partnerships provide City Colleges’ students access to real-world experience via teacher-practitioners, internships and top-notch facilities, and offer City Colleges’ students and graduates a first pass at job opportunities.

Are you a student or prospective student looking for more information about our programs? 

Contact City Colleges at 773-COLLEGE and ask to speak with a member of the Recruitment team or browse City Colleges' programs.

Are you a current CCC student or alum looking for career support?

Contact our career services department.

Are you a business looking to partner with City Colleges of Chicago? 

Post a job on CareerNetwork, City Colleges’ online job board for students and alumni:

What’s Happening Now?
City Colleges is enhancing its occupational programs in fast-growing fields. Programs are headquartered at one of the City Colleges: Healthcare at Malcolm X College; Transportation, Distribution & Logistics (TDL) at Olive-Harvey College; Business, Professional Services & Entrepreneurship at Harold Washington College; Information Technology at Wilbur Wright College; Advanced Manufacturing at Richard J. Daley College; Culinary and Hospitality at Kennedy-King College; Construction Technology at Dawson Technical Institute; and Education, Human, and Natural Sciences at Harry S Truman College.

New Programs: Colleges continually works to revamp programs to ensure they prepare students for 21st century careers. To review the latest C2C programs, browse City Colleges' CareerFinder or call 773-COLLEGE to speak with a member of our recruitment team about College to Careers.

New Facilities: City Colleges has announced the creation of new facilities to support its College to Careers effort, as part of a $524 million capital plan that will bring enhancements to all of the City Colleges. These facilities include a $251 million campus for Malcolm X College completed in January 2016, a $45 million Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Center at Olive-Harvey College, and an Advanced Manufacturing Center at Daley College.

What Is a C2C Industry Partner?
C2C partners work with faculty to revise or design curriculum pathways and facilities, create workplace learning opportunities and/or commit to interview or hire students who successfully complete a program. 

Follow these links to learn more about our C2C programs, including information about current industry and education partners:
Advanced Manufacturing

Under the leadership of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chancellor Cheryl Hyman, and CCC Board Chairman Martin Cabrera, Jr., City Colleges of Chicago launched “Colleges to Careers” in December 2011 to ensure our students are ready for jobs in high growth industries.

Students choose City Colleges for everything from associate degrees to continuing education for personal enrichment. However, for those who attend City Colleges to pursue a degree or certificate, students must feel   confident that upon graduation they will have an education that can help them move into the work arena or on a career path, if they wish to continue their studies.
"College to Careers" is City Colleges’ Workforce Development initiative that builds partnerships with corporations, professional associations, and non-profits to develop necessary industry-recognized certificates and degrees in various fields. To accomplish this, our faculty will work with industry partners to assess certain aspects of program, curriculum, and outcomes to create new, relevant learning and employment opportunities for students.
Through enhanced academic and career advising services, students will better understand their options. For example, within the next decade, industry reports indicate that Chicago will need approximately 75,000 more health care practitioners than currently exist. More than one-third of those positions will require an associate's degree. In addition, Chicago will need almost 18,000 newly educated registered nurses. In transportation, the region will need 4,000 new truck drivers to fill the openings that will occur between now and 2020.
We are committed to delivering credentials of economic value so our students can be successful in an ever-changing global workplace. These partnerships will bring corporations and City Colleges together in at least three ways:

Curriculum Design and Creation of Certificate Programs

Industry experts will work with CCC faculty to create the best-in-class industry training programs that align with national standards, garner industry certification, and equip students with the skills they need to be successful in emerging fields.

Curriculum Delivery, Mentoring and Modeling for Students

Industry experts will join faculty in the classrooms as teacher-practitioners to deliver real-world, on-the-job insight and perspectives.

Access to Internships, Interviews, and Facilities

Partnerships  provide City Colleges’ students with direct access to leading edge facilities for training and give students the opportunity to secure internships and job interviews. Each participating industry sector will work closely with CCC to design this part of the process.  This is where College to Careers can close the loop for students entering the job market.  In addition to their earned skills, College to Careers provides students a direct connection to these important industries while addressing the skills gap.

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For students:                                                           

For more informati​on on City Colleges' Career and Technical education and other academic offerings, search our CareerFinder​                                            

Contact our career services department for employment opportunities.​                                                          

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Workforce and Economic Development​​ at City Colleges (312) 553-2568