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Reinvention - One Purpose, Four Goals

The purpose of Reinvention was to drive greater degree attainment, job placement, and career advancement. The effort, undertaken in 2010 and pursued for seven years, was intended to ensure our students were prepared to move into further higher education and that they have the skills for jobs in the 21st century. We believed, and continue to believe, there is no other institution better positioned to become an economic engine for the City of Chicago.         

The four core goals of Reinvention were:         

  • Increase the number of students earning college credentials of economic value
  • Increase the rate of transfer to Bachelor’s degree programs following CCC graduation
  • Drastically improve outcomes for students needing remediation
  • Increase number and share of ABE/GED/ESL students who advance to and succeed in college-level courses


Reforms implemented through Reinvention delivered major progress towards these goals. For instance, City Colleges’ graduation rate more than doubled during this period, more students earned certificates and degrees each year, and more adult education students moved into college-level courses. 

Gains Since the Start of Reinvention
During Reinvention, City Colleges of Chicago saw a marked improvement in multiple areas ​including*:

*Reinvention numbers based on FY2015 statistical data


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