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Academic and Student Affairs recognizes and affirms the important role the tenure process plays at City Colleges of Chicago. 

In the Fall of 2013 City Colleges of Chicago implemented the Tenure Assistance Program (TAP).  This support structure was implemented for all full-time faculty hired to begin teaching in Fall 2013.  Full-time faculty hired to teach before Fall 2013 followed the existing tenure process. 

Academic and Student Affairs ensures ethical, rigorous, and fair tenure standards across all seven of the City Colleges and is committed to supporting faculty pursuing tenure. On this website, you will find information, training materials, procedures, and forms that support the tenure process at City Colleges of Chicago. 

Contact Us       

Name Email Phone Location
Monica Freeland, District Director of Accreditation, Assessment and Faculty Development | Educational Quality​​​ (312) 553-2509 District Office
Sudipta Roy, District-Wide TAP Coordinator   (773) 291-6344 Olive-Harvey
Michael Crenshaw, TAP Leader​​ (773) 838-7618 Daley
Michal Eskayo, TAP Leader (312) 553-5764 Harold Washington
Karen Douglass TAP Leader (773) 602-4053 Kennedy-King
Erin McMurray, TAP Leader (312) 850-4569 Malcolm X
​Susan Neal, TAP Leader ​(312) 850-7173 ​Malcolm X
Interim Contact-Sudipta Roy, District-Wide TAP Leader ​​ (773) 291-6435 Olive-Harvey
​Anne Close, TAP Leader ​(773) 907-4435 ​Truman
Terrence Doherty, TAP Leader (773) 481-8589 Wright
V​alentin Drago, Tap Leader ​​ ​(773) 481-8733 W​right

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Dates to Remember


Tenure Process Documents


Tenure Manual      

Documents by Role      

Tenure-Track Faculty Member (TTFM)      

Department Chair      


TAP Leader                                                 


Faculty Classroom or Clinical Observer                                                 

Training Materials      

Classroom Observation Form Training Video                                                    

Chair Training                                                 

Mentor Training                                                  

ILSP/Second Semester Review Training                                                 

Pre-Fall 2013 Tenure Process    


Click here to access forms for faculty in the pre-Fall 2013 tenure process.​